Asin !

Post the Aamir Khan-starrer Ghajini, Asin is tipped as the next big thing in Bollywood. The pretty actress has many scripts to choose from, but she is being extremely choosy - picking only those that appeal to her.

"I have always been choosy. I have done fewer films in Tamil than my cotemporaries," says Asin. "I think it's better to be selective than sign 10 films without much thought."

She turned down Ilayathapathy Vijay's prestigious 50th film in Tamil as well as several Hindi films including Abhishek Bachchan's Delhi 6, Akshay Kumar's De Dhana Dhan and Farhan Aktar's Karthik Calling Karthik.

Ever since Asin left Chennai and made Mumbai her home, both success and controversy have wooed her. "In Mumbai, it's business first. All relationships are agenda-based and the personal touch is missing," says the actress on the lessons she has learnt. "Down South, the people connect to you more on a personal level.

Actress Gopika is back in films

Gopika, who stopped her filmi career after her wedding to Dr. Ajilesh, is on a comeback mode. It is said that Gopika will soon be seen in Dileep's Swantham Lekhakhan directed by Cameraman-turned-Director P. Sukumaran. The film is based on the life of an investigative journalist who reports a sensational happening in the political sphere of the country. In addition to Swantham Lekhakan, Gopika will also appear in a Tamil film.

Gopika's last venture (before marriage) was super hit Veruthe Oru Bharya opposite Jayaram. Swantham Lekhakan is produced by Dileep's brother-in-law and actor Madhu Warrier in association with P. Sukumaran under the banner of Colour Factory. The pooja was held at Anjumana temple near Kochi. The camera was switched on by Girija Madhavan, mother of Madhu and Manju Warrier. The shoot will begin on June 26 at Thodupuzha. This film will be Dileep's Christmas release and will be distributed by his company Manjunatha Films. Starring Innocent and Salim Kumar in full-fledged comedy roles, Swantham Lekhakan is the adaptation of Kalavoors' 'Mohan Laline Enikippol Bhayankara Pediyanu', published in 2006

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Actress Meera Jasmine to marry U. Rajesh ?

Actress Meera Jasmine has always been in the eye of the storm for a multitude of reasons. Currently, her relationship with mandolin player Rajesh has provided the perfect fodder for rumour mills. Now, Meera has come out stating openly that she is courting Rajesh and the couple will be marrying soon. Rajesh is the younger brother of maestro ‘mandolin’ U. Srinivas. Talking on Rajesh, Meera says that Rajesh is a God-given gift. “He is a great artiste. I feel he has been given to me by God to heal all the sufferings that I have undergone in my life. To be paired with him is my good luck,” says an emotional Meera. With Meera’s confirmation, the rumour mills will have to stop targeting her from now on.

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Rakhi Ka Swayamvar

NDTV Imagine presents a new reality show that traces the journey of a bride-to-be from selecting her groom, to the marriage ceremony and all this will be captured on television!!

Well, the lucky girl and the bride in waiting is none other than Rakhi Sawant, and the show is aptly titled, 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar' and is produced by SOL Productions.

Item girl Rakhi Sawant had promised to be her real self on 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar' but she seems to be trying too hard to break her outspoken image by projecting herself as a subtle, demure and a perfect bride-to-be on the reality show.

'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar' went on air Monday and Rakhi's low tone of voice and graceful mannerisms on the pioneer episode was a complete contrast to how the audience knows the item girl.

From the moment the show began when host, actor Ram Kapoor introduced the concept as well as the bride-to-be to the time when Rakhi herself welcomed 16 prospective grooms to the Fateh Garh Palace in Udaipur - Rakhi did not look her real self.

This, despite the fact that she had promised the world that 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar' would show her 'real' self.

From small-time actors, a police officer, a sales manager, an NRI businessman to engineers, an advocate, a student, a marriage consultant, a stunt artist and even a choreographer - Rakhi has a number of grooms to choose her life partner from.

On the show Rakhi will choose her perfect man with the help of viewers.

The 16 grooms, who have come from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bulandshahr, Hrishikesh, Jaipur, Kanpur and Srinagar and even from places as far as Toronto, made every attempt to woo the lady in their unique styles.

While some walked in with elaborate and well-thought gifts like a wedding dress, a teddy bear, a bangle, et al, a few tried to impress Rakhi with their 'shayari' (Urdu couplets) in the first episode itself.

But the selection of the final candidate will be decided on the basis of several parameters. The contenders will be brought together under one roof and put through a series of challenges that will test their personality, character, physical fitness, talent and also their compatibility with Rakhi.

All through the series, viewers can help Rakhi decide, by voting for or against the prospective grooms and the final week will present the wedding celebrations.

Though the concept is slightly bizarre for the regular Indian audience, Rakhi always does something that leaves her fans shocked - something she has partly managed to do in the first episode itself with her new avatar.

'Rakhi Ka Swaymamvar' is being telecast every Monday-Friday at 9 p.m. on NDTV Imagine.

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Actors : Mammootty, Kavya madhavan
Author : Gireesh Puthencherry
Composer : Shan Rehman
Singers : Vijay Yesudas, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Swetha, Karthik,
Sayanora, Anakha Sadan, Pradeep Palluruthy, Divya S Menon,
Geethu Thulasi, Suha V, Noel Prince, Nevin Prince, Shan Rehman, Sumesh

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Noted writer-director Lohithadas died

Ambazhathil Karunakaran Lohithadas (A. K. Lohithadas) died yesterday, June 28 following a massive heart attack at around 10:50 am in the morning. He was admitted to Lisy Hospital in Eranakulam after he complained of a cardiac arrest. Lohithadas stands tall on account of his stories rooted firmly in the Kerala milieu.

All his scripts and movies bear the indelible stamp of his mastery. Having rightly gauged the pulse of the audiences through his scripts for movies like Thaniyaavartanam, Kireedam, Dasaratham, His Highness Abdulla and Kamaladalam, the writer turned to direction with movies Bhoothakannadi, Kastooriman, Aarayanangulde Veedu and Nivediyam.

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Prabhu Deva Married Nayantara ?

Actor-turned-director Prabhu Deva has reportedly married Tamil actress Nayantara in Hyderabad. For the past few months, there have been some strong rumours about the close relationship of Prabhu Deva and Nayantara. The father of three children, Prabhu Deva fell in love with the actress during the shooting of film 'Villu'. Sources revealed that both Prabhu and Nayantara have been living together for the past three weeks.

Kollywood is awash with rumours that hotty Nayantara and Prabhu Deva have married secretly. The rumour began when television channels down south began reporting that the two stars have married secretly in Hyderabad. However, a confirmation is yet to come from either Prabhu Deva or Nayan. The two have been linked ever since they bonded together while working in Vijay’s ‘Villu’. It is believed that Prabhu himself took responsibility of teaching Nayan complicated dance steps and she reciprocated with equal enthusiasm while learning them. Later, when Nayan got Prabhu’s name tattooed on her wrist, the affair was all but confirmed.

The rumours of a brewing romance between the two got further legitimacy when Prabhu went out of his way to choreograph two songs for the Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’ just for his dear Nayan. He did not even charge any money for it. All this, coupled with grapevine that Prabhu Deva’s marriage with Ramlath is on the rocks, has almost made the romance between Prabhu and Nayan too real to disbelieve. Still, the rumour of a secret marriage between the two has come as a shock to many. And neither of the two stars has yet confirmed or denied the news.

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Bollywood Actor Shiney Ahuja arrested by police

A Mumbai court Monday sent Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja to police custody till June 18 on charges of raping, detaining and threatening his 19-year-old domestic help.

Arrested Sunday night after the victim lodged a complaint against Shiney, the actor was produced before a magistrate in suburban Andheri court this afternoon under tight security, an official said.

The 36-year-old actor has been booked Section 376 (rape), Section 346 (wrongful restraint) and Section 506 (threat to kill) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). If the charges are proved, they attract a minimum jail term of seven years.

Both Shiney and the victim have undergone medical tests in government hospital. Preliminary medical reports on the victim have proved positive, the official said.

The victim had been working him for the past one year. She has accused him of repeatedly raping her.

Police claim that after interrogation, Shiney said he had 'a physical relationship' with the victim. He has said he could have committed the crime in a drunken state.

He is said to be separated from his wife and living alone. His wife has arrived in Mumbai after Shiney was accused of rape. The couple has a daughter.

Shiney is an alumnus of Army Public School and Hansraj College, New Delhi.

He started his acting career in 2003 with the critically acclaimed movie 'Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi'. Later, he acted in movies like 'Gangster', 'Karam', 'Woh Lamhe', 'Fanaa', 'Hijack', 'Life In A Metro' and the box-office hit 'Bhool Bhulaiyya'. He has bagged over half a dozen prestigious awards in the past six years for his roles.

Asin New Hot Photos

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Trisha in Hindi Movie

South Indian Actress Trisha is going to Bollywood. She has signed a film titled as " Khatta Meeta " pairing with action hero Akshay Kumar. The movie will be directed by Priyadarshan, who had introduced her into tamil industry seven years back.

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Jayam Ravi's Wedding Reception

The wedding reception of actor Jayam Ravi and Aarthi in Chennai was a well-attended function. Editor Mohan and his sons have personally invited all the representatives of the media by giving invitations at the meet. Almost the entire Kollywood industry and top actors from the small screen came to wish the young couple.

Kollywood Super Stars, Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan, had attended the wedding on June 4. Actors Vijay, Surya and Dhanush were among the top stars who turned up for the reception. Politicians like Deputy CM Stalin, Dayanidhi Maran, GK Vasan, ex-minister Anbumani, Jayakumar were also seen at the function.

Among the younger lot of actors, the trade considers Jayam Ravi as one of the most saleable, as he has a huge following among the youth and women. The buzz is that Ravi is now tipped for super stardom. His next release is noted director Jananathan's Pearanmai, in which he plays a forest guard and the movie is said to be an all out action movie.

Even his competitors acknowledge that Jayam Ravi is a complete professional, who is totally devoted to his work. He is on the right track to make it big in Kollywood.

With Sathyaraj and Nazar

With Dhanush

With Nadiya Moithu

With Ramba

With Prasanna

With music director Vidhyasagar

Actor/Director Sundar.C and Khushbu

With Jeeva

With Sandhya

With Sarayna

With Bhagyaraj and Poornima Jayaram

With Parthipan and Sneha

With Priyadarshan and Lissy

With Vivek

With Nakul

With Anpumani Ramdas

With Sibiraj and his wife

With Dayanidhy Maran

With S.P. Balasubrahmaniam

With Sonia Agarwal

With Vishal

With Stalin

With Devayani

With Chinnadalapathi Dr. Vijay

With Surya

With Dhanush and Aiswarya

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South Indian Actress Tamanna Website

South Indian Actress Tamanna Website
Click for Tamanna Photo Gallery, Wallpapers


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