Madhavan with Jet Li and John Abraham

Madhavan was one of the volunteers at the 'Habitat For Humanity' event held in Bangkok recently. He joined John Abraham and Pooja Bedi from India, and Jet Li from China, who were among 3,000 Habitat for Humanity volunteers who dedicated 166 homes in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Laos and Cambodia.

The houses were built or repaired as part of Habitat's annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project, where the former US president and first lady helped raise awareness about the need for affordable housing and built homes in partnership with low-income earners.

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Jyothirmayi's answer is big NO !

Denying reports that she has decided to bid adieu to acting career, Jyothirmayi says she very much wants to be part of film industry and there is no questing of quitting movies.

"There is no truth in reports which claimed that I am planning to say good bye to acting. It is just a rumour. I love this profession and would like to make a mark before I quit," says the actress from Mollywood.

She adds: "It is true that I am not acting in any Tamil new film after 'Vedigundu Murugesan'. That is because I have not come across any interesting offer after that. Many offers are coming way. But I want to be part of an engrossing film which has enough importance to my character."

Saying that she is currently acting in two Malayalam movies besides a Kannada project, Jyothirmayi adds: "I am also getting ready for an abroad trip to take part in a couple of stage shows."

Hansika comes to Kollywood!

Dhanush’s Maappilai has started rolling in Chennai and all eyes are on its leading lady Hansika Motwani the new entrant to Kollywood, where there is a dearth of heroines.

She is just 18, and has already done 10 films so far in Hindi and Telugu and one Kannada film out of which 8 are super hits.

So is this striking new face going to give the current hot favourite Tamannaah stiff competition?

She has already snatched the youngest heroine tag from Tammu, but the cute looking Hansika says: “I’m competing with myself first, as my aim is to improve my performance in every film of mine. I’m not bothered about what others are doing and I want to excel in what I do”.

Interestingly, Hansika was to make her Kollywood debut in director Vishnuvardhan’s Sarwam, which did not happen. But now she is happy, as she considers Mappillai as a perfect launch film in which she plays heroine to Dhanush, one of the top heroes in Tamil cinema.

Adds Hansika who has the perfect balance of glamour and quintessential girl-next-door looks: “I am having a blast shooting with Dhanush, and Vivek in Chennai. I am open to do more Tamil films”.

So are Kollywood film makers listening?

Namitha –Some like it hot!

After the Jaganmohini debacle, Namitha is desperately in need of a hit to salvage her position as the oomph queen of south cinema.

She is banking heavily on her latest film Nil Gavani Ennai Kadhali, a dubbed version of her debut Malayalam film.

Namitha plays Laura a bar dancer in the Malayalam original titled Black Stallion opposite Kalabhavan Mani and Bala directed by Pramod and Pappan which is ready for release.

The buzz is that the buxom beauty has exposed like never before including hot bedroom scenes, a rain dance in a swimming pool and a song shot in a house boat in the picturistic backwaters of Kerala!

The film is also releasing simultaneously in Telugu as Iddaru Monagallu.

Asin Bollywood Journey

Not many girls have journeyed from Changanacherry, Kerala, to Bollywood, with a surname that can be a tongue-twister in Mumbai – Thottumkal. But Asin Thottumkal has made a stylish entry.The 23-year-old actor, however, is the least bit convinced. Ask her about her performance in ‘Ghajini’ and she says. “I am not satisfied. I feel like doing this film all over again and working on my flaws,” she says, over the phone from Mumbai where she is spending holidays with her family. That’s strange, considering she has done the Tamil version of it as well. There must be something that she likes. “Well, I couldn’t have asked for a better start,” she says. “And I certainly didn’t expect to receive a thumbs-up from a national audience.” She is, in fact, on a roll. After romancing Aamir Khan in her first Hindi film, Thottumkal is shooting with Salman Khan for ‘London Dreams’.She says since she has already worked with the director AR Murugadoss, and she was comfortable in Hindi, the Bollywood debut was not too daunting. “But Aamir was the cherry on the cake,” she giggles.She was just three when Aamir came out with ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ and she has danced in her school pinafores to ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ songs, but his ‘Ghajini’ role has won her over. “It has been a long time since one saw Aamir in an action film,” she says, before lapsing into reminiscing about the on-sets fun. “The crew was entirely from the South, so it felt like home. However, Aamir had a tough time understanding the conversations on the sets so I would become his translator. He even picked up a few Tamil words by the end,” she says. Asin Thottumkal is planning for a long haul in Bollywood. Get the hang of that surname.

I can't wait to start our family: Shilpa Shetty

Barely two days after the wedding, and Shilpa Shetty-Kundra, that's how she wants to be known now feels she's on top of the world.

"I plan to get married only once! This has been the most exhausting week of my life. And also the happiest. I've waited so long for my wedding. Outwardly, the only thing that's different is the chudas (heavy gold bangles) and the way I'm dressed is different. Inside me, everything feels the same. I've known Raj for so long that it feels no different otherwise," says Shilpa. "I have a severe jaw ache from all the smiling that I did at the reception on Tuesday. Now I know why my colleagues avoid wedding receptions. It really does get impossible to manage the crowd."

Apparently, there were more gatecrashers at the reception than guests.

"At the wedding too, there were people climbing trees and walls to take photographs," Shilpa giggles. "But it was a far more intimate, private and controlled affair than the reception. My sister Shamita kept saying she felt she was part of Punjabi wedding sequence in a movie. The wedding was very traditional and simple. I felt I was going through a dream. My marriage was exactly the way I had imagined it," Shilpa adds.

The couple will now leave for their honeymoon followed by a Mediterranean cruise for the entire family. We're going to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. Then after we return, Raj is taking our entire family, all the Shettys and Kundras on a Mediterranean cruise for Christmas. He thought everyone needed break."

Regarding her plans of dividing her time between Mumbai and London, the actress reveals: "I have to get acquainted with Raj's circle of friends in London, get used to socialising with them. We'll have two homes now. In any case I was always travelling to and fro. Now I'll be doing this even more. I've my film-production company in Mumbai. So I can't be in London only."

Motherhood is also on the anvil. "I certainly want to be a mother. I can't wait to start our family."

I can't go around asking for roles: Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia has been around for more than six years now and has done films as diverse as Mithya and Julie. But she neither believes in boasting about her body of work nor is she keen to approach leading actors and filmmakers to rope her in for their films.

"This is the way I have been throughout my career. I am not the type who would go and tell everyone what I have done in the past," said Neha.

After having debuted opposite Ajay Devgn in Qayamat (2003), she has worked in close to 30 movies.

"What's the point in doing that when you have your work to speak for itself? This is not to say that I am less ambitious than anyone. I work as hard as anyone else. It's just that I can't serve myself on a platter," she said.

This is the reason why she is not complaining even if she is playing a supporting role in films like Singh Is Kinng and just released De Dhana Dan with Katrina Kaif as the leading lady opposite Akshay Kumar.

"There is a thin distinction between lead and supporting roles today. You may not be a romantic lead in a film, but then you have to see the kind of value you bring to a film.

"For example, when Vipul approached me for Singh Is Kinng, I asked him why he was giving me that role. When he told me that he could visualise only me to be doing that role, I took it as a backhanded compliment."

Same held true for De Dhana Dan where Priyadarshan felt that he could see a naughty opportunist girl in her. In the film, Neha plays a club singer who has a 'bindaas' attitude towards life and is a 'huge advantage taker'.
"I am happy that he felt so. My role is quite spunky in De Dhana Dan. There is a lot of spark in it.

"When it comes to commercial cinema, I have to thank people like Vipul, whose sensibilities I completely agree with, and Priyan Sir, with whom I have worked in Chup Chup Ke and Garam Masala earlier. They have always approached me whenever there is something good in the offing," Neha said.
However, she has the trio of Rajat Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla and Vinay Pathak to thank for the complete shift in mindset that she went through at a crucial phase of her career.

"These are the people responsible for opening up different avenues for me. By working in movies like Mithya, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi, I Am 24 and Pappu Can't Dance Saala, there is an altogether different dimension that I have been able to explore.

"I owe a lot to them," said Neha who is happy to be juggling between hardcore commercial mainstream movies and new age offbeat cinema.

Neha Dhupia Hot Picture Gallery

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Double impact - Nakul

The puppy fat has gone. And, six years after director S. Shankar's path-breaking musical Boys, Nakul has transformed into a lanky, fit youngster who still retains his bubbly charm.

For five years after Boys released in 2003, nothing happened in Nakul's life, “except a Telugu film, Keelu Gurram, which probably ran for two-and-a-half hours and sank without a trace.” What kept him going then was music. ‘Jayile Jayile' in Boys led to ‘Kadhal Yaanai' (Anniyan), ‘X-Machi' (Ghajini), ‘Karka Karka' and ‘Manjal Veyil' (Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu) and ‘Hooray Hooray Hip' (Vallavan).

“My film career didn't take off after Boys. The Telugu film didn't help. Singing was keeping me alive, but that wasn't what I wanted to do. Everyone used to ask me: look at your contemporaries — Bharath, Siddarth and Thaman Sai (music director). What have you done? That stirred something in me. I told myself that I must make it as an actor.”

And then, Kadhalil Vizhunthen came his way; with a catch, though! That he tone up. “The director told me: This is your chance…our chance…either we make it big or sink,” recalls Nakul, who hasn't looked back since that 2008 hit.

Soon after, he signed up for the well-received Masilamani and soon-to-be-released Kandhakottai (with Poorna as heroine).

Talking about his struggling days, Nakul, brother of actor Devyani says: “Even when I auditioned for Boys, I was among the 1,500, and was sure I would not land a role. But, I suppose I have been a bit lucky — a few good roles, some good songs, and now, Kandhakottai. I learnt a lot from director Shankar. He knows exactly what he wants. His methods are unconventional but the end result is like no one else's. I learnt that if you have to succeed, you have to have single-minded devotion.”

A shy person who is not given to excessive partying and socialising, Nakul is quite a home bird. “Only I know how much I miss home when I am away shooting. But, it is an occupational hazard.”

And, he's clear about making it in his chosen field. “I have decided to do one film at a time, and do justice to that role, rather than burn myself out. I want to be at the top, and on my terms,” says Nakul. He remembers the time when, after Boys and Keelu Gurram, many nondescript roles came his way. “Many of them were sleazy, and I am glad I stayed away. Today, when I listen to scripts, I tell my directors: ‘Please, for the sake of my career and the film, give me a bound script and don't make any major changes half-way through the film.”

Nakul considers himself a natural in front of the camera, whether it is dancing, running around trees or fighting. "I really didn't find it necessary to learn acting in an institute or go for horse riding and fencing classes. I learnt from director Shankar that if the director knows what he wants out of his actor, and if the actor has total confidence in the role and characterisation, he will deliver his best. All one has to do is follow instructions and observe the director when he enacts a scene.”

Now, that's what you call confidence!

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Genelia D'Souza to pair with Dhanush

After the success of her Telugu movie Ready, Genelia D'Souza is back to Kollywood again.This time she is doing the Tamil remake of her Telugu hit movie Ready opposite to Dhanush.

Genelia seems to be much excited about the film and says that she is happy to do the Tamil version too.Genelia expect the same result for this attempt too.

Earlier she got noticed with her Tamil movie Boys.

So she hope that her Tamil fans will accept her the same way they did earlier. She guarantees that it won't be a monotonous performance of her. Actor Ram played opposite to her in Telugu.

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Wedding Bells for Ramba

Ramba who paired-up with Rajini, Kamal, Vijay, Ajith and many other leading heroes of all South Indian languages is said to have stumbled on her real life hero.

As per our sources, Indhran, the proprietor of Magickwoods who gifted the beauty a swanky black BMW 7.5 is the man who stole Ramba’s precious little heart. The 35 year old groom is an MBA graduate and the marriage was arranged by the parents formally. Sources add that the wedding will happen somewhere in the month of Jan, 2010.

Magickwoods is a leading brand in the home improvement segment in North America. Last month the company announced the appointment of Ramba as Brand Ambassador for its kitchen and bath vanity business. It’s noteworthy to mention that the Company plans to leverage Ramba in its brand and product advertising in North America and India.

And on the film front, Ramba has finished working for ‘Vidiyum Varai Kathiru’, ‘Puthu Kathai’ and she is also sure to grab the offer of the sequel to ‘Quick Gun Murugun’ when it happens.

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Neelathaamara Review

The film scripted by M T Vasudevan Nair and directed by Lal Jose, is perhaps one of those movies which you will like for its inherent innocence and goodness more than its presentation or technical aspects. It's the remake of a film with the same title, made 30 years ago and in all fairness, the story has been made to look relevant and fresh.

The story happens in a sleepy but picturesque Valluvanadan village where the young, beautiful Kunjumalu (Archana Kavi) comes to an old tharavadu as a maid. Malukutty Amma (Sreedevi Unni) lives alone there as her son Haridas (Kailash) is a law student and stays in the city. Soon after, Haridas comes home and is instantly smitten by the ample charms of the new maid.

The poor girl believes that he is in love with her, but realizes her mistake, when he marries Rathnam (Samvrutha Sunil) sometime later. Now, the story is being narrated as a flashback and the characters have grown much older.
Though Neelathamara is focused on the life of Kunjimalu, it never delves deep enough into her mind and as a result, her anguish doesn't affect the viewer much as well. She falls prey to his flirtatious ways a bit too easily, but it is curious why his mother never realized about what was going on behind her back!

Certain characters like Sharathe Ammini (Rima Kallingal) and the old man sitting at the temple premises, for instance, seems half-baked at best. The film creates an ambience for sure and succeeds in taking the viewers to a different world, but it is generally done on a rather superficial level. The obvious feeling is to think about films like Nandanam that have narrated similar themes, but in a more effective way.

Debutante Archana Kavi has done a fine job, imparting the required innocence and charm to her character, which in fact is the soul of the story. Her resemblance to Parvathy, who has done her grown up version, looks nice on screen. Kailash too has done a decent job as the hypocritical youth, who conveniently forgets the young girl, after using her. The rest of the characters have limited roles to play, especially considering the impact they have in the story.

The highlight of the film could be the visuals by Vijay Ulakanath and to a certain extent, the music by Vidyasagar. Even in these days when mindsets and lifestyles have taken a complete change from the days when he first wrote the script, the inimitable M T Vasudevan Nair has succeeded in presenting the story in a refreshing tone. The film has its moments and Lal Jose presents it, in a beautiful way.

In the story, Neelathamara (blue lotus) blooms in a temple pond when a believer prays wholeheartedly to fulfill a wish. The film is definitely worth a watch and we sincerely wish such films happen more often in Malayalam.

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Vikram turns producer

South Indian super star Vikram has launched his own banner to produce a Tamil film featuring newcomers. According to latest reports, Vikram has been nurturing the idea of turning producer for a long time and is expected to rope in sensational director Sasikumar of Subramaniapuram fame to direct the film.

In an exclusive interview with a leading newspaper, Vikram said, "I have floated my own banner and our first untitled venture will be directed by Sasikumar. The film will feature newcomers. The technical team will comprise cinematographer Kathir and music director James Vasanthan, who have worked with Sasikumar before. After watching Subramaniapuram, I wanted to do a film with Sasi. I read the script, set in Chennai, and found it fantastic. I’m sure it would turn out to be a signature Sasikumar film."

Asked whether he would do a cameo in this film, Vikram said: "I would love to make an Alfred Hitchcock type appearance, but it will be Sasi’s call." Vikram recently completed Mani Rathnam’s Raavan and a three-week Ladakh schedule for Selvaraghavan’s film.

Shilpa Shetty Wedding Reception Photo Gallery

Shilpa Shetty with husband, Raj Kundra at their wedding reception at a hotel in Mumbai on November 24, 2009.

The mob at the doors of Hotel Grand Hyatt – Mumbai, was enough to judge, the grandeur of Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s reception. First of all, the reception totally washed away the complains that wedding is not at tended by Bollywood Stars. Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh and Aishwariya Bachan, Ameesha Patel, Hrithik Roshan and Suzzanne, it was a star studded night.

Shilpa Shetty was wearing a golden glamorous sari. The wrap of the sari was heavily sequined and embroidered. She was wearing a necklace with white and red colored stones and a matching set of ear rings and bangles. The bra was also heavily sequined and embroidered. Raj Kundra was wearing a black Sherwani and black trousers. Raj Kundra and Shilpa were all smiles and looked perfect love birds. Shamita Shetty was as sexy as ever wearing a revealing marine blue sari. Shilpa’s father was wearing a simple black suit and mother was wearing a pink colored sari.

Ameesha Patel received a lot of attention in her skimpy dress.

Shilpa’s career on silver screen started with the film Baazigar in which she appeared with Shah Rukh Khan. People especially wanted to see Khan in the ceremonies and he made the fans’ wishes come true. Looking bit old but graceful in black dress with his wife Gauri. In the start of her career Silpa Shetty was seen with Akshay Kumar and most recently she had to appear in court for getting kissed by Richard Gere.

AKSHAY KUMAR was not seen at the ceremonies for obvious reasons.

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Playback singer Sainoj passed away !

PIRAVOM: Playback singer T T Sainoj, 32, Thanikunnel, Kakkad near here, died at the Ernakulam Medical Trust Hospital on Sunday. He was suffering from fever and admitted to the hospital on Friday. The hospital authorities said that he had the symptoms of blood cancer.

He has sung in more than five films. He began his career with the film 'War and Love.' The famous one is ‘Enikku padanoru pattilundu oru pennu’ in the film ‘Ivar Vivahitharayal’ He was a close associate of music composer M Jayachandran.

He is survived by father Thankappan, mother Ragini, brother Shyju and sister Soorya.

The funeral held on the house premises at 2 pm on Monday.

Music director M Jayachandran, who rendered the music for Sainoj's super hit song "Ennikku padan oru pattillunndoru pennu" in the movie "Ivar Vivahitharayal", said that Sinoj was basically a shy person who never approached any body seeking a chance.

"I knew him from the time he won the first in Gandharva Sangeetham.

He has been working with me as a track singer. I usually meant the particular song for another singer. But Sainoj was given a chance because the other singer could not turn up," Jayachandran said.

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Shilpa Shetty Wedding Caremony Stills

Shilpa Shetty and London based businessman Raj Kundra will get married on Sunday the 22nd Nov 2009.

The wedding is scheduled on 22nd of this month and will be held at Shilpa shetty’s business partner Kiran Bawa’s farmhouse in Khandala.

The couple got engaged 24th October at Raj Kundra’s 7th floor Flat in Juhu, Mumbai.

Shilpa Shetty’s wedding dresses are designed by Tarun Tahiliani, while Raj will wear dresses created  by Shantanu and Nikhil.

Confirms designer Nikhil Mehra, “Raj is wearing a black short sherwani and trousers. The sherwani has a lot of textures, applique and patterns, and muted Swarovski embroidery and crystals.”

The  reception will be held in Mumbai on  24th of November.

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