Review Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu Malayalam Movie

Movie Name: Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu
Director: Shyju Anthikkad
Cinematographer: Krish Kymal
Cast: Thilakan, Lal, Navya Nair

Just a few scenes into director Shyju Anthikkad's film, Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu we are pretty sure where things are heading. Still, we would hope there would be some surprises in store. No such luck here and this one turn out to be predictable, melodramatic and insipid to the core.

Ottappalam Unni (Lal) is a widely respected associate director of films, who dreams to make his own debut as an independent director soon. But after he had beaten up a producer, almost everyone from the clan is hesitant to give him a chance.

Unni is a perfect family man, with a loving wife Manju (Navya Nair) a schoolteacher and their son, who gives him their wholehearted support. Remember Udayananu Tharam, which narrated a similar theme but in a superb way? Though the basic plot is the same, with a pace that would make you cringe in the seat and sequences that are usually seen in some of those never ending serials on TV, this film is a test of your patience.

Worse still, director Shyju Anthikkad and scenarist Shylesh Divakaran have perhaps added most ingredients to get the dramatic feel. The often-repeated staff room sequences, the hero's cronies who would come up with silly dialogues to make the viewers laugh, the technicians in films with hearts of gold and the snide remarks aimed at the 'ill mannered' superstars and the roving eyed producers, which are staple ingredients of films of this genre, finds a place here too.

In all fairness, Lal and Navya Nair have performed in a dedicated manner, which gives this ordinary fare some worth. Thilakan, one of the finest actors on Indian screen who passed away recently, faced the camera for the final time in this film. He is brilliant as always and the rest of cast has done their roles in a fine way.

There is a dialogue in Scene Onnu Namude Veedu where the character played by Lal states that it is easy for anyone to criticize a movie, but can they make one themselves?

Hope those involved in the making of this irrelevant saga realize now that good films can only be made by real talents!

Verdict: Below Average 

Courtesy: Sify Movies
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Idiots Malayalam Movie Review Online

Movie Name: Idiots
Director: K S Bava
Producer: Sangeeth Sivan Productions
Cast: Asif Ali, Sanusha, Baburaj

Debutant director K S Bava's Idiots may lack even basic logic but is an interesting tale happening one night. It's the comic journey of a few dumb characters narrated in a gripping manner.

A silly don named Beeranikka (Vijayaraghavan) is approached by a purdah-clad girl with a rather shocking demand and hefty cash. She gives the “quotation” to kill herself!

As the girl waits for the killer to come, a thief (Asif Ali) breaks into her apartment. A comic killer Freddy (Baburaj) too joins them. Now starts a series of funny incidents that go on till the next morning.

The story moves ahead in a pattern like some of those light hearted Hollywood comedy dramas. Director K S Bava has presented the film in a nice way with good visuals by P K Varma. But yes, there are quite a number of amateurish scenes and the lack of good writing is evident all along. Things could have been definitely different but the makers have ended the film with a lazy climax.

Asif Ali looks pretty fine, though his performance get shaky when the focus is entirely on him. Sanusha looks wooden and her acting is perhaps the weakest link here. The chemistry between the lead pair is as cold as a fresh scoop of ice cream.

But the highlight of the film is a good show by Baburaj, who made a splendid makeover as a comedian in quite a few films recently after playing the baddie for almost two decades. Now keep in mind that Idiots is not meant to be taken too seriously and you won't need to use your brain to enjoy this one. At least, this one has been made in a slick way in a not-so-familiar pattern in Malayalam.

Verdict: Above Average 

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Chettayees Malayalam Movie Review Online

Movie Name: Chettayees
Director: Shajoon Kariyal
Music: Deepak Dev
Star Cast: Biju Menon, Lal, Miya

Now if you are the kind who find booze parties and all the antics happening there funny, chances are that you may find the first half of director Shajoon Kariyal's Chettayees pretty fine.

Five friends, lawyer John Pallan (Lal), musician Kichu (Biju Menon), actor Roopesh Krishna (Suresh Krishna), chef Bava (P Sukumar) and a government employee named Babumon (debutant Sunil Babu) come together to celebrate a New Year's Eve.

The gang is partying at John's apartment and the rest of the residents in the complex are miffed by the activities of the five men.

With a simple storyline, which barely looks convincing at times, the film has mostly a shaky run. There are some genuine laughs sprinkled in between but is that reason enough to appreciate it?

In the film, the fun ends for the friends as the film reaches half way and sadly for the viewers the rest of the film turns out to be something of a nightmare.

The absence of a credible storyline looms large as the characters uses expletives often and the jokes are mainly on drinking and sex. Sachi's script is fine in parts. Vinod Illampilly's visuals are good and Deepak Dev scores well with the music.

As it is often synonymous with comedy films in Malayalam, the actors tend to yell out their dialogues here. Like, Lal for instance, who says most of the lines at the top of his voice.

Biju Menon, who has discovered his knack to make the viewers laugh after so many years in the industry, is good. Miya, who plays Biju Menon's wife, maintains a single expression almost all along.

Chettayees hits the extremes, good and bad that is, and mostly fails to keep a healthy balance. It's almost like a lazy effort that can leave you wanting for more. Now the choice is yours!

Verdict: Average 

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Face 2 Face Mammootty Movie Review

Okay, we know how big a star is Mammootty and that he is a fantastic actor as well. But in Face 2 Face, director V M Vinu seems to be so enamoured by the hero that his character has been presented often disturbingly larger than life, with lines to praise how exceptional he is, at regular intervals!

Balachandran (Mammootty), a Circle Inspector under suspension now, is hot tempered and has made some real fortunes from real estate and share market. After some loud music, which is synonymous with youngsters in the film, the story is all about unveiling the mystery behind the murder of a brash young politician named Thomas Punchakkadan (Feroze Khan), the son of the ex-state home minister Varghese Punchakkadan (Vijayaraghavan).

Balachandran's involvement in the murder is suspected straight away, as the murdered youth was responsible for his suspension. SP Ramdas (Siddique) and CI Latheef (Kalabhavan Mani) are investigating the murder but they go weak at the knees when they question him. And then, the hero investigates the murder himself, solves the case and tells the cops what to do next.

It has been a horrendous run at the box office for Mammootty during recent years and it will be no surprise if the film turns out to be yet another disappointment in the actor's career. With the absence of basic logic at most times and a style that was perhaps okay eons ago, this film is tough to be digested even for the hardcore fans of the star.

Manoj's script and Vinu's direction makes this thriller look more like a comedy. Here young guys and gals who are perhaps in their teens have nothing else to think in their life other than drugs, drinking and dancing, baddies are epitomes of all vices and then there are some messages for all those waiting for it.

Mammootty has sleepwalked through this one and the only thing curious here is on what attracted him to this rather funny looking script. The supporting cast have done their brief fine and Ragini Dwivedi, who plays Mammootty's wife, has nothing much to do.

Face 2 Face has been packaged as a mystery flick, but this one is anything but thrilling. Don't forget some medicines for migraine if you are going for this one!

Verdict: Below Average

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Meghna Raj in Red Wine Malayalam Movie

Actress Meghna Raj has stated in an interview to a daily that Mohanlal has asked her to be part of his forthcoming film, Red Wine.

The Beautiful star is all excited to be included in the film, which also stars Fahadh Faasil and Asif Ali. Red Wine has been directed by Salam Palappetty and the shooting will start soon.

Meghna is looking forward to the release of four of her films, Poppins, Madirasi, Maad Dad and Up and Down.

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Ann Augustine Wedding Photos, Marriage Stills, News

Images courtesy to indian cinema gallery dot com
Jomon T John, Cinematographer of noted movies like Chappa Kurissu, Beautiful, Thira, etc. has tied the knot with actress Ann Augustine at St. Sebastian's Church here on Sunday.

The marriage was solemnised by five priests who were Jomon's classmates at St. Michael's College in Cherthala while pursuing their bachelors' degree.

The wedding was attended by several A-listers of Malayalam film industry including actors Suresh Gopi, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Dhyan Sreenivasan; actresses Revathy, Meera Nandan, Archana Kavi, Shamna Kasim, among others.

Directors Ranjith, Lal jose, Joy Mathew, Shyama Prasad, Joshy and Cameraman P Sukumar were also present  on the occasion. An elaborate reception was arranged at Travancore Palace after the wedding ceremony.

Ann Augustine, who has several hits to her credit like Elsamma Enna Aankutty, Three Kings, Da Thadiya, Artist, etc. is the daughter of Malayalam actor late Augustine.

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Vidya Balan Wedding Photos, Marriage Stills, News

Renowned actress Vidya Balan and UTV honcho Siddharth Roy Kapoor, after being in a relationship for two years, are finally on the threshold of embracing wedlock.

This December will mark another big-shot Bollywood wedding as the two say 'I do!' to each other. However, the two are exceptionally quiet about the marriage, and have chosen to keep it the way they've kept the relationship over the last two years - private, Zee News reported.

Vidya Balan's trousseau, which is to be taken care of by ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, is to comprise 18 exquisitely handcrafted sarees. One of Sabyasachi's staff members spoke to Mumbai Mirror, sharing some information on the wedding: "She has placed an order for 18 sarees with us. Out of that, two will be bridal wear and rest can be worn by the bride during the day.

Apparently, Vidya will be getting married in the morning according to Tamil traditions. Though most of the sarees are ready, the ones that will be based on Madras silk, will be done by Pepsi (Sabyasachi`s nick name) himself. We are waiting for him to come back from London. On his way back he is going to stop over in Chennai to source the silk. The deadline that we are working on for delivering the sarees is December 1."

The 'December 1 deadline' has set the grapevine buzzing with Vidya-Siddharth's speculated wedding date - sometime in December. Post marriage, the two are supposed to set off for honeymoon to the Caribbean Islands.

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Mythili Matinee Movie Hot Item Dance Video

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South Indian Actress Tamanna Website

South Indian Actress Tamanna Website
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